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  • Expired job
  • The employer is looking for:
    Order picker
  • Number of positions:
    Number of positions: 50
  • Country:
    Country: England
  • Type of contract:
    Type of contract: full-time
  • Net salary:
    7.20 - 11.00 GBP Hourly Negotiable
  • Other benefits apart from the salary:
    Housing, Transport, Insurance
Other information on the job
  • Terms of payroll:
    - Remuneration is between 7.20 and 8.25 Pounds Gross / Time, based on performance, and department tours.
    Day shift (6:00 AM - 18:00 PM)
    Night shift (18:00 PM - 6:00 AM)
    It performs overtime depending on the needs of the employer, they are paid separately.
    You can earn monthly approx. 1200 -1600 net Pounds!
    - Wages are paid weekly (starting the 2nd week of work) in the bank account of each employee.
    - It is done in shifts 12 hours
    - Contract for 6 months with possibility of extension.
    The houses are of "SHARED HOUSE", with kitchen, living room and shared bathroom.
    They are furnished and equipped with bare necessities: Stove, Refrigerator, Washing machine.
    Do not provide bedding or linens or dishes!
    £ 65 per person per week with all bills included in the price (for rent).
    When signing the contract for accommodation is paid the sum of 255 lira a person (2 weeks accommodation in advance £ 2 = 65 x £ 130 = £ 75 deposit and Admin-Fee your real estate agency = £ 50). Payment of that amount will be made at the agency real estate after signing the contract!
    Shipping and return-Job Accommodation:
    Transport from accommodation and return to work can be done on employee choice, depending on distance, on foot, by bus, by bicycle or taxi.
    Working conditions:
    Working with clothing.
    Training is provided from the second or third day after arrival.
    On the first day of training tests should be mandatory medical (drug and alcohol).
    Uniforms & Equipment:
    Each employee will receive reflective vest. You need to have protective boots with metal.
    You will also receive two polo shirts, two pairs of trousers and a sweatshirt.
    The uniform is mandatory for all employees.
    The ideal candidate:
    - You must know English at a conversational medium
    - Experience is not required; training is provided.
    - Must be clinically healthy
    - Sociable, patient, adaptable, kind
    - Age: 18 - 55
    Services in the agency Eurolife Consulting:
    - Mediation to obtain a labor contract legally in the UK
    - Assessment of the applicant - the English test, consulting realization resume, preparing for job interviews
    - Organize recruitment and hiring interviews
    - Informing and checking the documents necessary for employment
    - Support orientation session before departure
    - Consulting for the duration of the labor contract
  • Expired job
  • Expired job
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