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  • Expired job
  • The employer is looking for:
    Order picker
  • Number of positions:
    Number of positions: 300
  • Country:
    Country: England
  • Type of contract:
    Type of contract: full-time
  • Net salary:
    2000.00 EUR Monthly
  • Other benefits apart from the salary:
  • Requirements:
    0 months of experience as a Order picker
    English - Intermediate level
Other information on the job
  • Responsibilities
    Departures Emergencies January 2017
    Time Team Recruitment & Consultancy Ltd, placement agency workforce abroad hiring unqualified staff in "Operators deposits UK"
    This is a program of work, labor unskilled positions as: worker warehouse / forklift trucks (which includes activities for cargo storage, verification of comparative goods and products in stock, moving goods and products in the store, signing of delivery , recording damaged or spoiled goods, selection and packaging for shipping tasks of loading and unloading and goods) and any other items which refer to this field. Not particularly heavy physical work, everything is automated.
    - Conversational English medium
    - Men / women / couples between 18-55 years
    - Experience in a similar field is a plus, but not a yardstick
    - Accept people with good attitude, hard-working, serious, friendly, in good mental and physical shape, with good communication skills, organized and have no health problems.
    - It provides legal employment contract for an indefinite period
    - The salaries between 1200 and 1500 Pounds Pounds
    - It works in shifts day / night / weekend, depending on the employer's requirements
    - Ability to perform overtime
    - Assistance in obtaining specialized legal forms of work and reside in the UK (National Insurance number, bank account, etc.)
    Placement agency as labor abroad ITM accredited to Bucharest
  • Expired job
  • Expired job
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