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  • The employer is looking for:
  • Number of positions:
    Number of positions: 20
  • Country:
    Country: Germany
  • Type of contract:
    Type of contract: full-time
  • Net salary:
    1700.00 EUR Monthly
  • Other benefits apart from the salary:
    Housing, Insurance
  • Requirements:
    1 years of experience as a Electrician
    German - Beginner level
Other information on the job
  • Silverhand Romania recruits prestigious employers in Germany:
    - Electriceni site (construction)
    - Industrial electricians
    - Electricians electrical cabinets
    - Electricians Automation
    - electroinstalatori
    • attractive salary between 1600 and 2100 euros net per month (depending on the employer, working hours and tax class)
    • accommodation provided by the employer, paid by the beneficiary (in the case of tenders until 1800 euros net per month)
    • legal work contract in Germany (without deployment or PFA);
    • 24 days vacation / year;
    • overtime pay with a bonus of 25%;
    • accident insurance;
    • advancement and professional development;
    • medical insurance;
    • entitled to a pension after 5 years of work in Germany;
    • possibility of advance;
    • allowance 'Kindergeld' € 190 per month / child or student;
    • Permanent advice from our team;
    • stable and secure job the employer checked.
    • knowledge of German - conversational level (Level A1 / A2) - requirement;
    • experience in the field;
    • qualification - electrician;
    • Personal car - is a major advantage
    We recruited in what areas?
    Demand for labor in Germany is a vast one. For the beginning of 2017 looking for electricians, plumbers, painters, masons, fitters drywall, auto mechanics and equipment operators and CNC programmers, carpenters, welders, fitters, installers windows installer furniture, carpenters, painters automotive and industrial, Stivuitorist, drivers truck, bus drivers, laborers (factory workers), administrators, caregivers old. Even if you find yourself in any of the professions listed above but speak German, we're waiting. We will give you best to find a job according to your skills!
    about Silverhand
    Silverhand is a multinational employment agency employment with headquarters in the town of Poznan, Poland. The first point of working in Romania opened in December 2014 in Timisoara, during which about 600 people have obtained jobs in Germany at top employers, check out our company. We recruit from many countries, we have 3 offices in Poland and one in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
    The success of the company it has achieved in recent years is due primarily of intensive work and well-thought-out, and a well-established set of values, listing here honesty, fairness, personal responsibility and respect for others.
    For us, work is not a commodity!
  • Expired job
  • Expired job
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