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  • The employer is looking for:
  • Number of positions:
    Number of positions: 10
  • Country:
    Country: Netherlands
  • Type of contract:
    Type of contract: full-time
  • Net salary:
    7.50 - 13.75 EUR Hourly Negotiable
  • Other benefits apart from the salary:
    Housing, Insurance
  • Requirements:
    5 years of experience as a Bricklayer
    German - Intermediate level  or  English - Intermediate level
    Driver's licence
    Driver's licence B category 1 year B category 1 year
Other information on the job
  • For several projects in the Netherlands, we are searching for experienced bricklayers. The job opening is also available for less experienced bricklayers with the condition that the initial salary is lower until you acquire bricklaying skills according to the Dutch guidelines.
    The employer offers: 
    Accommodation near to workplace (maximum 30 km distance). Accommodation paid by the employer. 
    Minimum of 40 hours per week but you can work 50 hours per week. Normal program/schedule Monday to Friday from 7AM - 5PM.
    We expect you to lay as much as 800 - 1000 stones / day. We are looking for teams of 3-4 persons, with one foreman. 
    You as a team will work and travel together. Meeting the requirements and guidelines for bricklaying in the Netherlands will result in a good salary. 
    The employer is requesting VCA basic. If you do not have the VCA, you are expected to attain the VCA Basic upon arrival. You are allowed to work but you need to attain this certificate.
    Also let us know if you can bring a team of 3-4 candidates!
    Click on 'Apply' if you are interested. 
  • Expired job
  • Expired job
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