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Tjobs Services
TjobsEU Quality of Service & T-standard
Since 2009, TjobsEU has been servicing the staffing industry with services & platform technology. Our day to day experience, better known as Quality of Service, is used to implement the T-standard on TjobsEU
Founded in 2009 15 years of experience 🥳
ReadyToWork in 2024 1.360 ✨
Customer satisfaction 2023 8.9 (⭐⭐⭐)
HIRED candidates (2023) 321 🍀
Quality of Service

Exclusive Access

With Exclusive Access, you join our community of staffing professionals that recruit their talent through our platform with the support of a dedicated service consultant. User friendly and GDPR proof account, complete profiles & candidate timeline!

Social Media Promotion

Let social media do its job and bring your vacancies to the attention of a large audience. Our service consultant starts the screening process and converts your applicants into ReadyToWork candidates. The bigger our community, the bigger your audience!

ReadyToWork candidates

Get access to personalised profiles, support on placement. After you completed the hiring process, we stay committed on retention by communication & support. We support you to engage into an employment relationship!


Profile Update Request

With Profile Update Requests, you request candidates to update their profile and change their status to ReadyToWork. Once updated, you’ll receive a notification about the updated profile. Time to unlock contact details!


While you do your interview with candidates, you write your comments on the candidates’ timeline. You can download the profile and timeline comments in PDF with your company logo. Share profiles with your customers and get those candidates hired!

Form a Team

Form a Team enables you to find candidates that not only match your job requirements but also match other candidates with the candidate that you have already selected for your project. Let form your teams and unlock even more labour potential!