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  • Skills Consulting, Romania

    The agency recruits French speakers. They had some candidates that could not be placed from their own job offers, so they proposed them for a Tjobs project. The Agency cashed in €1,200 for 3 candidates in 6 weeks.

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  • Wolverhampton
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

    United Kingdom



    United Kingdom

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  • Ioan-Adrian B., Welder

    I am an experienced Lloyd DNV-GL Welder. I found a job offer on Tjobs for the same profession. Before going abroad, I worked two jobs, starting from 6 AM, sometimes working until 11 PM. Being a professional, I didn't find it difficult to adjust to the new job. I have accumulated a lot of experience and I try to stay current with what's new in my profession as much as possible.

About us


The Tjobs marketplace is the only European marketplace for recruiters that supplies skilled workers.
The marketplace complements the recruitment process by combining technology with over 10 years of experience in the recruitment of skilled workers.

This revolutionary online platform was built to automate the most difficult and time-consuming steps in the recruitment process, moving it from the offline to the online environment.


Tjobs was founded in 2009 as a recruitment agency. The company quickly acquired international customers and the demand for skilled workers grew. It started to collaborate with other recruitment agencies in Europe to fulfill the demand.
This resulted in Europe's first marketplace for recruiters that search and supply skilled workers.

In 2014, Tjobs was backed by European venture capital firms, Earlybird and iEurope.